Residential carpet cleaning service

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Your home is a sanctuary where you come to unwind and relax, however, your home could be a retreat for more than just your family. Inground dirt, dust, chemical particles, pollution, dust mites, pet spots, dander and stains can be lodged deep in your carpet, resistant to even the most thorough vacuuming. Our 5 Step Residential Carpet Cleaning process provides a revolutionary method to deep clean carpets and area rugs and remove even the toughest stains and residues.

The secret is our counter rotating brush (CRB) method and specially formulated solutions that are designed to be tough on dirt, yet gentle and safe for your home and family. Unlike other carpet cleaning methods that only focus on visible spot treatment, our counter rotating brush method thoroughly agitates every square inch of carpet to remove visible stains as well as the allergy and disease causing particles you can’t see.

Our complete 5-step process includes commercial vacuuming, a pre-spray to lift particles, the counter rotating brush (CRB) technique for carpet shampooing, hot water extraction (also know as “steam cleaning”), along with a final rinse to neutralize the carpet and groom the fibers for a flawless finish. Very low moisture (VLM) carpet cleaning is another low moisture cleaning method which is suitable for lightly soiled carpet, if you need a quick treatment with less drying time.

Residential tile cleaning service

Residential Tile Cleaning

With high quality cleaning solutions and techniques to completely lift mold, bacteria and stains out of your grout and tiles, we can help you bring new life to your tiled areas. Bacteria, pathogens and mold can reside deep inside porous grout, but our solution for home tile and grout cleaning completely removes these particles to make your tiles gleam from the inside out.

While other tile and grout cleaning methods merely bleach the grout and tiles without removing mold and pathogens, we will deep clean and actually remove the cause of staining and discoloration. First, the tiled area is pre-sprayed and allowed a dwell time for the solution to deeply penetrate the grout. Grout lines are then scrubbed and agitated to remove staining and pathogens. A hot water rotary clean and special focus in the edging and corners of your tiled floors ensures that mold particles and blood borne pathogens are whisked away, and your grout is cleaner and whiter than ever before.

Keep your kitchen, bathroom and other tiled areas appealing, clean and safe with regular tile and grout cleaning. We know there is nothing like freshly cleaned tiles and grout to make your home look and feel like new again.

Residential upholstery cleaning service

Residential Upholstery Cleaning

Clean, fresh upholstery that is free from stains, marks and grime provides an instant transformation to any living space. Chances are, your family and guests use the chairs, couches and sofas in your home every single day. That’s thousands of hours’ worth of dust, dirt, grime, stains, allergens, mites, and pathogens collecting in your soft furnishings each year. With professional techniques that extract even the most ingrained stains and dirt, we return your upholstery to a pristine condition and makes your home more comfortable and hygienic.

We know how easy it is for grime and dust to infiltrate couches and soft furnishings. Offering services to expertly yet safely deep clean both microfiber and fabric sectionals, chairs and love seats, we provide upholstery cleaning that truly refreshes your home in every way.

Pressure washing services

Pressure Washing

If your interiors are taken care of with carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning, what about staining, discoloration and mold on your exterior surfaces? Our pressure washing is the deep cleaning solution for driveways, sidewalks, curbs, homes, and walls for both homes and commercial buildings. Pressure washing uses very high pressure water to effectively strip layers of dirt, mold, mildew and discoloration from your hard, external surfaces, allowing them to shine like new.

Because pressure washing can completely clean and renew the exterior of your home from the siding of your home to the sidewalk, this exterior cleaning method can add value and curb appeal for your home. Mossy and moldy driveways and walkways not only look less appealing, they can also be slippery and dangerous. Mold, mildew and algae can also contribute to allergies and health problems and potentially cause permanent damage to your property.

With pressure washing provided by us, the results for your driveway, walkways and walls are instantly noticeable. You will be amazed at how fresh and new your outdoor surfaces look, and what a difference it makes to the overall curb appeal of your home. With our professional pressure washing service, we allow you to create an outdoor environment that’s as clean, appealing and hygienic as your indoor environment.

Stay Beautiful carpet cleaning program by Einstein Carpet Care

Stay Beautiful Program

When you know your home is always hygienic and spotless, that’s one less thing you have to worry about. We have you covered with our Stay Beautiful program. An initial, thorough clean returns your home to pristine condition. This is maintained with 2 carpet cleans and one included spot treatment every year, so you never have to worry about scheduling a carpet clean again. We ensure your home remains a retreat that’s safe and healthy for you and your family, and that you’re proud to show off to friends and neighbors.