How To Prepare Your Home for Carpet Cleaning

Getting your carpets cleaned is a great way to improve the appearance of your home or business, and helps to maintain a healthy environment. However professional carpet cleaning is a targeted treatment that you may only complete once or twice a year. It’s important to prepare your carpets for deep cleaning to help to achieve a smoother cleaning process and a better outcome. Here we look at how you can you best prepare your home or business to get the most out of a professional carpet cleaning service.

Clear The Area In Front of the Building

Professional carpet cleaners use heavy duty truck mounted equipment to provide a deeper and more thorough clean for your carpets. This means that your carpet cleaning technicians need direct access from the street or driveway to the building. Prepare by leaving the driveway or curb near the building clear for the technicians to use.

Pin Up Long Drapes And Remove Light Furniture

Lifting long drapes or soft furnishings off the surface of the carpet allows your technician to clean more effectively and freely. It also helps to allows your carpet to dry more quickly. Removing light furniture before your carpet cleaners arrive makes their job smoother and allows them to provide you with a more effective and efficient service.

Make a Note of Particular Stains or Special Requirements

You know your carpet better than anyone. While your carpet cleaning technician will provide an official inspection of your carpets, it can be helpful to make a note of particular ‘problem’ spots, and point these out to your technician. It’s also recommended to advise your technician of any special requests or requirements before your service begins, and preferably beforehand at the time you make your booking.

Arrange for Children and Pets to be Out of the Home

In many cases, keeping children and pets away from drying carpets is the most difficult part of having your carpets professionally cleaned. Children and pets tend to track in dirt from outside, often leading to new stains on wet carpet. To avoid this, try scheduling your carpet cleaning for when your children are at school or outside conditions are suitable for your pets.

These simple steps help prepare your carpets for effective professional residential or commercial carpet cleaning. Good preparation means a smoother cleaning process, a safer environment for your home and of course, cleaner carpets for everyone to enjoy.

  • Taylor Bishop
    Posted at 16:01h, 06 October Reply

    Thanks for going over some preparation tips for getting your carpet cleaned. I’m glad that you mentioned that it’s important to let the person know about some places in the carpet where there is a problem. I’m curious to learn if it could be beneficial to let them know about what happened in that spot, especially if knowing that can let them know what tools they may need to bring to fix it.

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