not all carpet cleaning companies are equal find out the difference

Not All Carpet Cleaning Companies are Equal! Find Out the Differences

When you’re looking for the best carpet cleaning company to care for your flooring and interiors, it can be tricky to make the right choice. While the companies may look the same and offer the same services, the results can vary from company to company. The carpet cleaning industry has a low barrier of entry, which means anyone can purchase a truck and the equipment and get into the business. When it comes to cleaning your home, most carpet cleaners simply come out and give an estimate and then either do the job or not.

If you want a carpet cleaner with a difference, here are 4 factors to look for that indicate a carpet cleaning company that’s official, certified and highly trained.

Uses Counter Rotating Brush Machines

Not only is the training and service of the carpet cleaning company important, but the quality of the equipment used is also essential as well. Counter-rotating brush machines are the only tools that produce exceptional results on all types of flooring including residential and commercial carpet. Counter-rotating brush machines agitate the fibers or surface of the flooring more effectively, lifting ingrained dirt and even the most profound stains and odors. Unlike other carpet cleaning machines, machines with counter-rotating brush technology don’t just clean the surface but go deep to lift stains, dirt, and allergens.

Clean Maintenance Programs and Plans

The highest quality carpet cleaning companies want to provide real service for their clients, not just take their payment and leave. Cleaning programs and plans such as Einstein Carpet Care’s Stay Beautiful Program, provide you with a set program of cleaning and maintenance that keeps your home hygienic and spotless at all times. The initial thorough carpet clean regenerates and renews your home to a fresh and pristine condition, then 2 scheduled carpet cleanings and an included spot clean keep your carpet fresh and beautiful throughout the year. No need to worry about whether the carpet has spots, or scheduling a clean. With the Stay Beautiful program, it’s already taken care of.

professional spot treatment on carpet

Free Spot Cleaning Product

A great carpet cleaner is one who cares about the quality and condition of your carpet. Einstein Carpet does this by providing a free bottle of Spot Out cleaner with any free estimate or service, without requiring a purchase from you. The Spot Out cleaner is specially designed to replace your regular carpet cleanings products such as Woolite or Resolve. With free refills for life, you’ll never run out of this handy spot cleaner to keep your carpets stain free after spills.


IICRC Certified

While anyone can run a carpet cleaning business, the best carpet cleaning companies are IICRC certified. This shows that the company has met the minimum training and quality requirements of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), and know how to provide a service that not only gets results for your home, but that is safe for your carpets and fabrics as well.

If you’re looking for a company that will provide a service above and beyond the rest, check for these five criteria. Einstein Carpet Care has the experience, skill, and training for a premium carpet cleaning service, so talk to us today about getting the best cleaning results for your home.

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