I’m Pregnant – Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Safe For Me?

When you are pregnant your biggest priority is keeping your growing baby bump safe. Maintaining a clean and hygienic household is not only critical for mom’s safety, it’s also essential to prepare the home for the new baby to come. But is having your carpet professionally cleaned, safe while you’re pregnant? Some cleaning chemicals can be harmful, so it’s important to balance the priorities of keeping your home both clean and safe. Here we look at the essential points to consider when having your carpet professionally cleaned while you are pregnant.

Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Exposure to potentially harmful carpet cleaning chemicals is one reason pregnant women fear carpet cleaning. Limited evidence has shown that prolonged exposure to a certain carpet cleaning chemical -perchloroethylene – can reduce fertility or cause miscarriages, but this is only with repeated use. It’s unlikely that a one-off carpet cleaning will cause any issues. But many expectant mothers aren’t exactly willing to take the risk.

Ask your carpet cleaning company about the kind of solutions they use for carpet cleaning, and what options you can choose to make cleaning safer. Use of organic cleaning products, fragrance-free cleaning solutions, low soap cleaning, and thorough rinsing can help to reduce chemical load and protect your bundle of joy.

DIY vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to safer and healthier carpet cleaning, choosing a professional service can make a huge difference. Some of the differences between professional and DIY carpet cleaning include –

  • Professionals know how to clean carpets effectively while minimizing the amount of cleaning solution used if required. DIY products often consist of harsher chemicals, and you may not know the complete composition of some DIY carpet cleaning products.
  • Using a carpet cleaning machine can be difficult, and inexperienced users may make mistakes, like leaving too much chemical products in the carpet or leaving the carpets too wet, which creates ideal conditions for mold, mildew and bacteria growth.
  • Professional carpet cleaning machines have many advantages that a rental carpet cleaning machine does not. They spray at a much higher PSI, can heat the water up to 220 degrees, and also have much high suction. This all affects the amount of dirt, dust, and pathogens that are removed. They also remove more of the cleaning solution and leave carpets dry and fresh, so they stay safe and clean.
  • Professional carpet cleaners know how to adjust the carpet cleaning process according to your needs to produce the safe and healthy result you want. DIY carpet cleaning machines are less effective than professional machines, which means you won’t know how much cleaning solution is left behind in the carpet, and whether dirt and dust have been effectively removed, or simply stirred up by the DIY carpet cleaning process.
  • Also with DIY carpet cleaning, you are more prone to wicking. Wicking the what most homeowners complain about after they have had their carpets cleaned. When your carpets start to dry, it is natural for the water to evaporate upwards. This creates a siphoning action that will pull up any dirt that has not been properly removed from the pad. This will usually happen with in the first 3 days.

What Makes A Safe Carpet Cleaning Process?

When a professional carpet cleaning is thorough, it’s safer. Our process involves 5 steps to ensure your carpets are deeply cleaned, and all traces of dirt, as well as all of the cleaning solutions,  are removed.

First, your carpets are vacuumed with a commercial cleaner, then scrubbed to bring soils, hair, and bacteria to the surface. Then we bring in the steam at over 220 degrees to disinfect and deep clean. The final rinse not only leaves your carpet softer and cleaner but most importantly it neutralizes the pH to a baby-safe level. With this thorough process, carpets dry quickly, and you’re left with soft, fresh and completely clean carpets that are safe for baby and during pregnancy.

With professional carpet cleaning that exceeds expectations while delivering the healthiest environment, let Einstein Carpet Care help you safely clean your carpets in preparation for your new family addition.

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