Getting your grout professionally sealed means less manual cleaning on a daily basis

5 Reasons To Have Your Grout Professionally Sealed

Tiles are an outstanding choice for counters and flooring because they’re economical, durable, and attractive. But the installation of tiles requires using grout, which is not quite as durable as tile. In fact, grout is porous so it can stain, absorb dirt and mold, and become a reservoir for germs and pathogens. We all know that moldy and dirty grout can diminish the appearance of our tiled floors. Thankfully, one easy answer to keeping your grout clean with less home maintenance is to get your grout professionally sealed.

1. Fewer Stains

Because grout is porous, stains like red wine or your favorite spaghetti sauce will quickly soak into it. Once in the grout, those stains will be very difficult to remove. This is why getting your grout professionally sealed is so important. It prevents stains from getting into the grout keeping it clean, hygienic, and stain free.

2. Easier Upkeep

Because professional grout sealing stops stains and inhibits the growth of mold, you spend less time scrubbing and bleaching dirty and discolored grout. Cleaning tile grout can be a backbreaking process of individually scrubbing each groove between tiles. But when your grout is professionally sealed, cleaning tiles is as simple as a quick wipe down or mop. No painstaking scrubbing or smelly bleaching required!

3. Family Safety

Germs, mold, and bacteria need warm and moist environments to grow. Absorbent grout in bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas can provide the ideal place for these pathogens to grow – right where your family is living. Professionally sealing grout prevents water from getting to your grout. This means that germs and mold can’t get a foot hold either. Keep your tiles and your home safer and healthier by sealing your grout.

4. Extend Life Of Tile

Because grout is porous and often made with sand, it can weaken as water soaks into it. This is what causes the grout to disintegrate and crumble over time. This process is hastened when scrubbed and treated with chemicals to clean it. When grout wears away, your tiles are exposed to potential damage, chipping, and cracking. Sealing grout protects grout and protects your tiles as well.

5. Pros Do It Better

While you can seal your tiles yourself at home, it can be a painstaking and lengthy process. Each section of grout needs to be individually coated with sealant without getting any on the tiles. If you miss a patch, that area of grout is going to be exposed to excess wear and damage. It can take a whole weekend to seal one bathroom yourself! Having a professional do the job is the more efficient, fast, and effective way to seal all your grout. A professional provides a more thorough and complete job to ensure your grout stays strong and looks flawless for longer.

Choosing professional grout sealing helps your tile and grout stay clean, safe, and appealing. Don’t waste time scrubbing or sealing each individual tile! Contact Einstein Carpet Care today to set up your appointment to get your grout professionally sealed.

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